Female Attraction Tips- How To Leave A Woman Breathless

Being the kind of guy that can leave a woman breathless almost seems to be a mythical ability that only a few guys really have. Of course, this is not necessarily true, though it can definitely seem that way at times. One of the things that I always notice when I have a conversation or a discussion with a guy that just doesn’t seem to be having an easy time at attracting women is that they kind of live in a box of sorts.

What do I mean by this?

Many guys kind of have a standard view on what it is that attracts a woman and if they don’t have those qualities or they don’t fit that image, they assume that they cannot attract a woman or that certain kinds of women are off limits to them.

If you want to be the kind of guy that leaves a woman breathless, then you have to SNAP out of that kind of thinking immediately!

It’s not going to do you ANY good to think that you are not good enough or you don’t have the ability to attract women and that somehow other guys do.

Here are a few female attraction tips that should show you how to leave a woman breathless:

1. Women are attracted to men that have a healthy amount of self esteem.

If you do trap yourself into the box, thinking that you don’t have the money or the looks or the body type to attract women, then you definitely need a quick boost to your self esteem. Most men don’t want to admit that they could use a boos to their self esteem, but if you want things to improve, then you have to get past this.

2. You have to be able to take a woman by SURPRISE.

This is where the average kind of guy actually does have the upper hand. It’s much easier for you to take a woman by surprise if you are not the best looking or the richest guy she meets. How do you take a woman by surprise? It’s easy. Just do the opposite of what the other guys do. If she’s really good looking, then she is probably used to men that kind of dote on her for no reason. Just being the kind of man that actually makes her “earn” your attention will take her by surprise.

3. You have to learn how to “sell” yourself.

Most guys don’t think of it this way, but when you first meet a woman, you have to sell yourself. Of course, this is not for money, but this is to show her who you are. See, when you are able to confidently approach a woman and immediately get her talking, and get her flirting, you are in a sense selling yourself. She’s going to see you in a much better light and you will immediately raise your odds at getting her. And the better job you do, the more likely it is that she will be left feeling breathless.


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