Why Should You Tweet Your Blogs?

Many people use blogs as a way of expressing their views, opinions and sometimes frustrations. It not only works like an online diary, it is also interactive. This means that you can communicate with your readers, share your knowledge and in some instance, help people with their problems.

Twitter has become a popular social media and it is an excellent extension for your blogs. One of the problems most bloggers face is creating a consistent traffic to their blogs. This is especially crucial for people with new blogs. They need people to visit and read their blog posts. Traffic to blogs is even more important for people who want to earn an income from their blogs.

Twitter as a micro blogging platform helps you keep in touch with your readers. Using 140 characters, you can quickly inform your followers about your latest blog posting. This could also create a chain effect; people following your followers could become interested in your tweets.

When you tweet your blog, you create a more positive impression with your followers. People are interested to know more about what you are tweeting and would definitely click on the link to read your blog. It shows your followers that you are committed and consistent with your beliefs and the niche product you are promoting.

One of the major users of twitter is newscasters. It is common to hear of them asking their viewers to visit their tweets for more information on what they are reporting and very often, these tweets are linked to their blog post.


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