Generic Propecia- Drug To Treat Baldness

Propecia is the drug of choice for the hair loss treatments. It is a drug which acts as an androgen hormone inhibitor. This androgen hormone inhibitor is commonly found in men but may be seen in women at times. This hormone leads to male pattern baldness in both men and women. The generic Propecia is not used for treating male pattern baldness in women due to its harmful side effects. It is exclusively used for men. It is imperative to know more about this drug.

Dosage of Generic Propecia

The dermatologist will recommend you the exact dosage of generic Propecia as per the medical condition of your patient. It is highly recommended not to skip the dosage of the medicine, if the drug gets missed out somehow then do not overdose the drug. Simply take the next dose of generic Propecia. It is mandatory to discuss the drugs you are taking at the time of visiting the doctor. There are many drugs which do not go well with this drug. There may also be some who may be allergic to the salts of this drug. Propecia is totally ban for these patients. It is also imperative to know about the usage of this drug.

Usage of Generic Propecia

Propecia is used for treating prostate cancer too. For treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) lower dose must be administered. Propecia is taken in higher dose for treating prostate cancer. This drug is also popularly known as Proscar, Finpecia, Finax, Finalo, Gefina, Finest, Appecia, etc. this drug is approved by FDA. The side effects of generic Propecia can be seen in around 1% people. This drug may cause birth defects in the unborn male baby. The breast feeding women should avoid this drug at any cost because it passes from the milk to the baby.  This drug can also result in  dysfunction of erec. and gynecomastia. Let’s throw some light on how you can buy this drug.

Online Buying Of Propecia

The Propecia can now be easily bought as over-the-counter drug through any online pharmacy. The rates are lower than the local market. The timely delivery is an added advantage. So, start ordering your share of Propecia drug through online pharmacy today.


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