Cancer Treatments And The Death Of Common Sense

We have a bizarre system in place today that says when someone is diagnosed with cancer we must subject the body to mutilating surgery, burn the body with nuclear radiation or we poison the body with chemotherapy to try and remedy the problem. All of which have life threatening side effects.

When a person is first diagnosed with a serious health problem like cancer, they are already undergoing a major health crisis so does it make sense to harm the body further in an attempt to remove these unwanted growths.

All cancers are self caused and all cancers happen for a reason and that reason is because of the way we are now living. A cancer growth is only a sign that the cells of the body didn’t stop dividing when they were supposed to and surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are not going to fix that. A wise patient will first apply some common sense to the problem, something that is seriously lacking in today’s world of mainstream treatments for cancer.

What people don’t realize is we already have a cure for cancer and that is to use our bodies built in repair system that can reverse any health problem we may encounter. It’s called the immune system and common sense should tell you it needs to be nurtured, not destroyed. This system is your body’s powerful self healing organism.

What do you think has repaired the cuts, bruises, broken bone, colds, influenza and other illnesses you have experienced throughout your life’ It’s not your doctor; it’s your immune system so why wouldn’t it be capable of removing your cancer as well. The human body can, with the right conditions heal itself accomplishing what no doctor, surgeon or any other health professional could ever hope to achieve. Care and not treatments is the key and that is to facilitate the God given healing capacity that all of us have.

Our bodies strive to heal themselves automatically every single day. What you need to do to assist it is to remove the barriers that are stopping it from healing. It is these barriers that have caused the problem in the first place and that is what is called applying common sense to the problem.

Unfortunately money as usual plays a big part in what is on offer as cancer treatments today. The powerful cancer industry has total control over the market place including any treatments that doctors are allowed to use. We of course have blind faith in our medical system and mistakenly believe they hold the answers to all our health problems.

To heal yourself of cancer forever you need to step outside this system of toxic treatments and assist the body in healing itself which it will do.

A true cure for cancer will only be achieved when a patient stimulates their own body’s defense system and there are only natural ways to do that.


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