Five Relationship Self Help Tips

All relationships have many ups and downs, here are five relationship self help tips. There are many relationship self help techniques you can use to bring the intimacy back into your relationship. Many people begin to feel that the intimacy levels in their relationships begin to fade over time. They mistakenly believe this means the love is gone, but the truth is that all relationships develop into a pattern of habits and rituals that can often make people feel more like roommates than lovers.

Instead of giving up on your relationship, try using some relationship self help techniques to bring the intimacy levels back to where they were when you first met.

1. Small Talk
Research has shown that couples who engage in regular small talk will experience less arguments and fights throughout their relationship. Connective small talk doesn’t mean bombarding your partner with an hour-long diatribe about every single thing you did during the day.
Small talk is simply sharing opinions or observations from things you did through your day. It also means learning to avoid mono-syllable responses and actually showing a bit of interest in what each other is saying. Ask questions and respond to your partner with positively.

2. Eye Contact
How many times do you really look your partner in the eye when you talk together? As relationships progress, many people tend to look in the direction of their partner’s eyes, but they don’t make eye contact.
When you first met, eye contact would have been high. Humans react to eye contact as being a positive way to build intimacy. As you become more familiar with each other, this decreases over time, which also leads people to believe the intimacy is dying.

3. Non-sexual Physical Contact
Learning to touch your partner and encouraging them to touch you too in non-sexual ways can help to increase intimacy. Give your partner a hug without expecting it to lead to anything further. Offer your partner a back massage or a foot rub and don’t have an ulterior motive. Hold hands when you’re out together. These simple forms of physical contact re-establish a level of intimacy and trust in each other that can be very effective relationship self help techniques.

4. Appreciation
Instead of focusing on the things that annoy you about your partner, try focusing on the things you appreciate about them instead. There must be things about your partner that attracted you to them originally, so spend some time each day focusing on the positive things and don’t waste time concentrating on the annoying traits that everyone has anyway.

5. Time Out
Far too many couples fall into a pattern of trying to spend all of their time with their partner. They begin to feel as though their partner is somehow deserting them if they want to spend a little time doing something without their significant other. While it’s normal to enjoy each other’s company, it’s also important to remember that everyone needs a little time out occasionally.

This could be something as simple as going out for a meal or a movie with friends or a coffee with the girls. Research shows that many couples improve their relationships when they display trust and encourage each other to spend a little time doing things they enjoy.


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