What You Can Do On Your Own To Orgasme

You have been engaging in sex with your partner for a long time already and all these times you have just been faking your orgasms. To top it, this is the same experience you’ve had with your previous partners. Now you are tired with faking so you want to know how you can really reach climax without having to force your partner to give it you if he doesn’t want to. Here are some tips on how to orgasm with or without the help of your mate.

When you are having sex, do your best to grab the top position. With you on top you can do pretty much a lot of things that you can’t do when you are down. First you have full control of your movements. You can move up and down his dick if you think that is the movement that will suit you. Or you can move forward or back if you feel that is the way to stimulate you.

You also have control with how tight or how open you want your vagina to be. You can spread your legs open anytime you want to feel ‘free’ or you can put them together anytime you want to be tight. You can do these things without waiting for his cue as to when and how much you can spread your legs.

Lastly you have control on whether you would want to see his face as you manipulate the situation or not. You can position yourself facing him if you want to see his face or you can face him backwards if you hate to see his face for not giving you ‘this’ pleasure on his own skills.

If your partner cannot give what you want, do these tips on how to orgasm and you will have what you desire without giving credit to anybody else but yourself.


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