Make Money On The Internet For Dummies

When I first started to research ways to earn income online, I really could have used a “make money on the internet for dummies” guide. I could check email, surf the internet, and copy and paste….. and that was it. For a beginner it can be really confusing, and seeing ads that claimed you could make money without doing anything didn’t sound honest. I mean….. if it really was possible to make money without any effort wouldn’t everyone be wealthy? And if you don’t have to do any work, why do they need you anyway?

Anyway, if you are determined to put your computer to work for you, yet you don’t have any technical or marketing skills you CAN get started right now, you just need some guidance as to how.

Have you heard of affilate marketing? It’s when you sell other people’s products and get paid for sales. The seller provides you with a web site and you can earn up to 75% for every sale you are responsible for.

But I don’t like to sell! You might be saying that. This isn’t like traditional sales. You are not responsible for product delivery or customer service. In fact, you won’t even know who the customers are in most cases. The merchant or seller looks after all of that. So your only job is to learn how to market these products online and get paid for it.

Is it easy to do? Well, the basic skills you need to do this don’t take long to learn, in fact, you can begin a marketing campaign within a few days and start to earn income quickly. A lot depends how motivated you are, and how much effort you are willing to put into it. If you are not in a hurry and your time is quite limited, you can begin with just a couple of hours every day. However, if your objective is to make a lot of money as fast as possible, it will require much more than that. So it’s not difficult…. but it does take work.


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